The Butterfly Beat Principal Characters

The Butterfly Beat has a very large cast. Here we introduce you to some of the principal characters in the story.

Cindy Kiss played by Frankie Park


Cindy Kiss is irrepressible. One of three newsreaders on the WASN news channel, Cindy is an A list celebrity, known and loved throughout the inhabited solar system. Famous for her range of fragrances including the latest Cindy Kiss by Cindy Kiss, and lauded for the introduction - with her partner in crime Isabella Karlin - of the must do adult dating site Hook Buddy, Cindy loves men, loves money and loves fame.


Possessed of an other-worldly beauty, and a fierce inteligence, Cindy has made her journey from a humble background, and she has never looked back. Her ambition is to be the most famous name on Terra, and she is well on her way.

D.C.I.Winston Molloy played by Clive Dancey


Detective Chief Inspector Molloy is a troubled man. Following a distinguished career, and close to a much-needed retirement, Molloy has two heavy weights on his shoulder.


Firstly, a group of activists have been burning down establishments in the region of West Anglia Saxony. There have been thirty-five arson attacks in all, and despite the successful insertion of one of Molloy's sergeants under cover, the police are no closer to catching them in the act. The activist group - the Sons of Parnassus - seem to be targetting fast food outlets, in particular the popular Macbeth's chain. Molloy believes that they are very dangerous as much for their anarchist views, as for their criminal activities.


Secondly, there has been a series of deaths in nightclubs and rock concerts - what the press are chillingly calling the disco virus - and again Molloy and his team are making little progress. There have been sixty-eight of these so far, and the serial killer (or killers) is still on the loose. But they do have a man in for questioning.

Crash Helmet played by Paul Dewdney


Crash Helmet, sometimes known as Brains (but rarely by his real name Godfrey) is the leader of the Sons of Parnassus, an activist group bent on striking a blow at the establishment. The group is currently embroiled in buring down businesses in West Anglia Saxony, predominantly fast food outlets such as Macbeths' and Reconstituted Fried Frog.


Crash Helmet has deep convictions passed down from his father, and his ambition is to be one of the greats in the revolutionary world. The other members of the team are Ivan Ivanov, Natasha Lynne, Tipper Hendry and Toque.


When asked, Crash Helmet doesn't know - significantly - why they are called the Sons of Parnassus. Natasha says that they should be called the Daughters of Paranassus.

Xaviera of the line Xin Xin played by Kate Gwynn


Xaviera is the mission leader of a group of aliens from a distant galaxy that has come to Terra in order to try to find DNA evidence of one of their ancestors - Alexis of the line AA - who had a child with a humankind on an illegal visit four hundred earth years ago.


Since then modellers have estimated that there are currently four hundred Terran people alive today that have alien DNA in their bodies, and Xaviera and her team are systematically going to nightclubs and rock concerts and exchanging body fluids with unknowing young people in order to analyse their DNA. The only problem for humankind is that the victims generally die.


Xaviera arrived with Venus of the line Vannus and they set up a vanguard, being joined shortly asfterwards by Wanda of the line Wo and Ursula of the line Ursaa. Later on, two more aliens arrived, Tabetha and Zephyr.

Danny Dewell played by John Conway


Danny Dewell is Beccleswade business man who has hit hard times. His company is bankrupt, his wife has left him for a policeman, and he is now homeless. And if that wasn't bad enough, he has now been beaten up and arrested by Charlie and Jonathan, Molloy's henchmen, and is now being interrogated and tortured in the desperate belief that he is implicated with the Sons of Parnassus.


As Jonathan says - he's hard as nails, he must be special forces, or a legionary. Either that, or he's innocent.


Danny represents the injustice in the world, but he will play a big part to counter that as the tale unfolds. 

Venus of the line Vannus played by Lucia France


Venus was Xaviera's original companion when they arrived on Terra, but soon became disiiluusioned with the mission. Whereas Xaviera was focussed on finding the DNA samples whatever the collateral damage, Venus grew to love humankind in general, and one or two human specimens specifically. 


But sexual contact with humans, not always but mostly, results in death, and Venus has already killed her first human lover, albeit unknowingly at the time.


Same, when she falls in love with Alice Harvey, she is extremely reluctant to consummate their relationship, fearing the potentiall fatal consequences. Their love grows, despite the lack of physicality in their relationship, but it doesn't bode well for the future.

Alice Harvey played by Victoria Grace


Alice is a young humankind woman with no connection to any of the other principal characters in the tale, other than through her love affair with Venus.


Of course Alice has no idea whatsoever that Venus is anything other than a beautiful young woman whom she met at the recent concert by the best band in biggleswade over in Cantabrigia Corn Exchange.


The attraction was mutual and immediate, but Alice is starting to fret why Venus is insisting that they hide away in anonymous hotel rooms. She is also deeply disconcerted that Venus is trying to avoid a full physical relationship. Most of her other girlfriends haven't been able to keep their hands off her.

Madame Griselda played by Gemma Wilks


Madame Griselda is a seer, clairvoyant and tarau card reader. She claims to originate from Attica - from Levantine stock - but her critics claim that she really hails from a housing estate close to Battersega Dogs Home. 


For all of her bravado and ornamentation, Madame Griselda is a lonely soul, and she has resorted to a highly esoteric dating site to meet the man of her dreams. Her avatar is The High Priestess, and she has just started to make contact with a mysterious man called The Magician. Could there be love potions and magic in the æther?


Many suspect Madame Griselda to be a charlatan; a fraudster fleecing gullible single mums, burly firemen, and impressionable and lovelorn teenagers. However, as the series unfolds, we discover that she does have powers, maybe unknowingly. Could she be the fifth elemental?

January Simpson played by Amelie Leroy


January Simpson is a bully. Fact. 


January went to school with Esme Porter, Lottie Claxton, and Sofi Mbewe, but is now known to all the young people in Beccleswade. What they don't know is that January is the secret internet bully that is making their lives a misery.


In particular, January seems to have it in for Rebekkah Wood who is one of Esme's four surviving cousins after the untimely demise of the two sisters Clare and Louise Porter s few years previously. Rebekkah has changed her surname from Porter to Wood, and this gives January a lot of ammunitions for  venting of the spleen. Rebekkah is also being abused by her brother Willy, and January is one of the few people to know this. 


January also deals drugs at The Pampered Panther nightclub, a fact not unnoticed by the manager Fay Huntley. It would be a simple task to shop January to the flics but Fay has other plans. 

Carol Claxton played by Sian Francis


Carol Claxton is a single mum whose sister happens to be Winston Molloy's wife, known only as Mrs. Molloy. After an abusive relationship with one of Molloy's policemen, Carol and her daughter Charlotte have moved in with the Molloy's, who felt some semblance of responsibility for what had happened. 


Carol is desperate to find a boyfriend, and against her daughter's advice, has joined Cindy and Isabella's Hook Buddy. Meanwhile, the despairing Molloy, has bribed D.S.Charlie Dawkins to take Carol out on a date, and thereby giving him and Mrs Molloy a quiet night.


Carol is very nervous about the date with Charlie - she swore never to have a relationship with a policeman again - but egged on by her friend Trish, she agrees and they have a very agreeable evening at a local Manchurian. But Carol wanted a bit more than that, and when Charlie made his excuses for an early night, she returned home disappointed and frustrated.

Rosie Cru played by Emma Bryant


There is a lot of mystery about Rosie, not least the strange name. On the surface, she works at the WASN television studio, and we have already learned that she is not CIndy Kiss' greatest fan. But as season one develops, her mundane relationship with her friend Grace takes second stage to an obsessive compulsive love/hate relationship with the fragrant newsreader Cindy and this seems to presage a deeper and more troubling story arc as we move towards season two. 


Rosie is very beautiful, but is obsessed - see the pattern - about her age and future prospects, and there is a hint that we are going to learn something important too about her past.

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