The Butterfly Beat is based on the books by writer Same Squires.

Sex Space & Seraphim



Imagine a small, sleepy town in West Anglia Saxony, on the planet Terra. Beccleswade has not yet awoken, and is dreaming that she lies just to the West of Cantabrigia, and just to the North of Londinium. The bloody Romans are still here and their empire has transmogrified into The Holy Roman Empire of Europa (THREE), a corrupt plutocracy and a bureaucratic nightmare.


Esme Porter goes to sleep and has revelations.


Holly Baxter is dreaming of becoming a top model.


Chrissie Hanstock has a wet patch in the middle of the bed.



Aoxomoxoa the cat, better known as Moxie, is in a reverie, and still believes that she is the most divine and potent figure in the multiverse.


Go to sleep, perchance………………..


Beccleswade – the Porter Family tree and main relationships







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